Telepsychiatry Clinic

Telepsychiatry (and Telemedicine) is broadly defined as the use of technology, i.e., telephone and video conferencing, to deliver health care to patients who are not located in the same physical space as their medical provider.

As a patient of CNS Medical Group, APMC, one option for your care may be the use of our CNS Telepsychiatry Clinic which uses either video conferencing or telephonic means when clinically safe, indicated and effective.

Many patients are not able to attend their in-person appointments in certain circumstances: For example, college students may continue their care remotely when away during their academic year or a working professional may schedule an appointment when traveling on business. 

Patients who are remotely located in rural areas in California may also access high-quality medical and psychiatric care remotely by using our CNS Telepsychiatry Clinic option.

Additionally,  it may be hard for a local patient who is having diffiuclty with their symptoms to leave their home. The CNS Telepsychiatry Clinic may provide access to important care at that time.

If more convenient for the patient, weekend and evening appoinments may be available using CNS Telepsychiatry Clinic hours. 

Please discuss the use of Telemedicine/Telepsychiatry with Dr. Kostalnick to find out if this may be an option for your care.

To enter your telemedicine appointment, paste the following URL into your browser or phone the office number at 925-784-4000 if you are having any difficulty with accessing your appointment. Please remember, it is the patient who must initiate the appointment (much like driving to the office if it were an in-person appointment) at the established appointment date and time.

24 HOUR CRISIS LINE 1-800-309-2131

24 HOUR LINE 1-800-273-8255

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