Referring Providers

Thank you for considering this practice for your patient.
Every effort will be made to contact you--and your patient--in a timely manner and to coordinate their clinical care.

1. Please send a brief introduction note below to indicate that you are referring someone to the practice.  If you do not receive a return email within 24 hours of your contact to this office, please phone the office at 925-784-4000.

2. Ask your patient to visit this website and use the appointment request page to begin the process of scheduling an appointment. 

Think of this practice as a community referral option:
If you are in need of a referral for a particular patient and not sure how to proceed or where to refer, please indicate that on this contact form. We will try to provide you with some options for managing the referral to excellent East Bay mental health professionals and support groups, in the event that the patient is not able to be seen in this practice. 

Dr. Kostalnick values and fosters a collaborative approach to patient care. This is based on the simple principle that treatment success, and better patient outcomes, are more likely when medical and non-medical professionals share knowledge and work in collaboration on behalf of their shared patients. As a result of this commitment, and to further cooperative care management, independent mental health professionals have come together to form a "clinic without walls" approach to the care of our patients and our community. 

As a father of three children, and as a physician in this community, Dr. Kostalnick has developed over the years an extensive resource base for patients and families.

If your patient is in need of mental health care, consider this practice your starting point. You may contact the CNS PRN (Patient Referral Network) Coordinator by using the contact window below. Please describe, in brief, the situation and what you are needing (MD, MFT, Ph.D., Psy.D., Addiction Counselor, Group Meetings, etc.) and we will make every effort to provide an appropriate community referral for you to offer your patient.


24 HOUR CRISIS LINE 1-800-309-2131


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